Message from the President and CEO

President & CEO Yuichi Tao President & CEO
Yuichi Tao

Dear Shareholders and Investors,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your continued support to FIDEA Group, including the Shonai Bank, Ltd., and the Hokuto Bank, Ltd.
While both the Japanese economy and the business confidence of our base, the Tohoku Region, stay on a recovery track, the environment surrounding regional financial institutions is growing more and more tough because of the decline in the working-age population, the prolonged low-interest rate environment and changes in competitive environment by the entry of different industries. The traditional model of the asset business that makes profits from funds provided by the deposits of our customers and from investment in government bonds is under pressure to adjust structurally.
With an aim to “establish a lean and flexible management base to support the sustainable growth of our customers as well as regional areas” together with “continued contribution to regional revitalization as a community-based, region-wide banking group,” FIDEA Group has launched its third Medium-term Management Plan, “Consulting and Innovation.”
The major theme of our third Medium-term Management Plan is the transformation to the business model where we listen to our local customers, take note of their issues and needs, and think up and implement solutions together. Currently we are accumulating achievements in consulting sales where we meet our customers’ needs through supporting the expansion of sales routes using a business matching approach, helping with business succession, and so forth. Furthermore, in the first half of this fiscal year, we contributed to the success of regional revitalization initiatives such as by providing financial assistance and accreditation support for tax subsidies regarding the large-scale redevelopment of hotel and retail facilities in the center of Tsuruoka City in Yamagata Prefecture, and arranging a project finance for one of Japan’s largest wind power generation projects in Akita Prefecture.
FIDEA Group is also aiming to further advance the open-platform strategy that we have pursued since its foundation in order to transform into a more lean and flexible management base. We will work to integrate the operations of the planning division, management division and administration center, which are currently spread over the holding company, the Shonai Bank, Ltd., and the Hokuto Bank, Ltd., in order to effect further synergies within FIDEA Group.
Aiming to be a broad-region financial group that grows together with its region, FIDEA Group is making strong contributions to regional development under the slogan, “Reaching out to the community and stepping into the next generation - Trust FIDEA.” We will continue to strive to enhance our worth as a readily accessible provider of information and expertise in solving our customers’ needs and issues.
I will appreciate your guidance and continued support.

November 2017
Yuichi Tao
President and CEO
FIDEA Holdings Co. Ltd.